“Reading these fascinating, no-holds-barred essays, it’s sometimes hard to tell who is ‘crazier’ – the patients or the therapists!”

 Lee Woodruff, New York Times bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect

“These searingly honest essays brilliantly capture the uniquely complicated relationships that therapists and patients share in the course of trying to navigate our lives. If you’ve ever revealed your most private hopes, dreams, fears, and longings with a stranger in a high-backed chair — or been that stranger in a high-backed chair — you’ll be so engrossed by these stories that you may end up skipping your session.”

Lori Gottlieb, bestselling author of Marry Him

“This book is as engrossing and illuminating as a volume of good short stories. It explores the hidden, fascinating nooks, crannies, and complications of the complex relationship between therapist and patient, a subject that turns out to be endlessly fascinating. One feels the presence of Amatenstein’s humane, sensitive, and experienced hand in a collection that is wide-ranging and comprehensive in its range of issues. Many talented writers on view. Many thought-provoking moments. You don’t have to have been on the couch to enjoy this book. All that is necessary is an interest in people and the struggles of modern life.”

George Hodgman, The New York Times bestselling author of Bettyville

“With rapier wit and a big dose of humanity, Sherry Amatenstein and the amazing writers she has assembled ask us to look at ourselves. And I think we’ll be better for it.”

Jenny Lumet, award-winning screenwriter of Rachel Getting Married

“How Does That Make You Feel, a new collection assembled by Sherry Amatenstein, is moving, funny, intimate, wry, and illuminating. Just like therapy. I loved it!”

Christina Haag, New York Times bestselling author of Come to the Edge: A Love Story

“Just like therapy, everyone will find something they love in Sherry Amatenstein’s wonderful collection How Does That Make You Feel. Funny, poignant and filled with many A-ha! moments, this is a terrific read.”

Julie Klam, New York Times bestselling author of You Had Me At Woof

“Funny, smart, frustrating, heartbreaking, but above all honest — true tales of that most private of relationships between therapist and client. Told from both sides of the couch, but always from the heart.”

Judith Sills, PhD., Media Psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of Excess Baggage: Getting Out of Your Own Way

“As a person who’s been through therapy – and both loved, and hated, and then loved and hated it again – this book speaks to the experience on the couch unlike anything I’ve ever read, and reading it has given me not only a better understanding of the therapeutic process, but also a better understanding of myself.”

Kevin McEnroe, author of the novel Our Town

How Does That Make You Feel is an eye-opening look at therapy. With essays ranging from the profoundly emotional to the downright hilarious, we can all learn something about a relationship so many of us hold dear, that between a therapist and their patient. Invaluable insight that will undoubtedly foster better understanding all around.”

Mara Schiavocampo, ABC News Correspondent

“A fresh look into the sometimes secretive world of mental health where ‘normal’ and ‘crazy’ are highly subjective.”

Tracey Helton Milton, author of The Big Fix