Readers of HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL? will never again have to wonder, “What does my therapist really think of me?”

This anthology is the first ever to feature essays about this profound connection from the perspective of both the ‘shrink’ and the ‘shrunk’. Of course your therapist has thoughts about you that on occasion practically leap off his or her tongue into your ears. But at the last minute the impulse is reigned in and the therapist mask prevails.

In this book the mask is ripped off as therapist/authors such as Dennis Palumbo, Megan Devine, Jonathan Schiff and – well – myself reveal what it’s like to hate a patient, feel incompetent to be a therapist, what it feels like to us when you say goodbye and much, much more.

And patient/authors such as Patti Davis, Royal Young, Molly Peacock, Susan Shapiro and Beverly Donofrio write movingly on everything from being pressured by a body-shaming therapist to drop 30 pounds to how a relationship with a beloved therapist morphed into friendship after the latter’s career-ending stroke to realizing decades later that your long-ago therapist was sexually inappropriate!

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